Heavy Rain

•July 20, 2007 • 1 Comment

Nowadays gaming technology improve very quickly so we are able to play games that look very detailed. The grass looks real, the trees looks real, the water looks real, the car looks real, the people feel… eh not very real.

So far the people in video games look real but the way they act is like robots underneath a human skin. You cannot find any emotions or feelings from them.

Until recently i saw this video where a video game character is acting for an audition.

Look at the facial expressions and body language and listen to the story as well its quite interesting haha.


Hello world!

•July 16, 2007 • 1 Comment

Welcome to this blog. Same as Badzom my life is starting to get boring so i decided to start this as a way to let me play less video games. In this blog I will share the interesting videos, flash games and news articles that i found online regarding video games.

For people who don’t usually play video games i hope this blog can help you understand why your father/brother/boyfriend go crazy about video games so much.